Poker Hand of the Week – Ben Chung Folds A Set Of Jacks against Alan Keating

Being able to fold a Set of Jacks on a non-flush board is the master class of poker. Ben Chung shows how it’s done against Alan Keating in our Poker Hand of the Week.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This hand was played in the $100/$200 + $200 Big Blind Ante high stakes cash game at Hustler Casino Live, which featured Alan Keating, Ryan Feldman, Handz, Wesley and Ben Chung.

Alan Keating is very deep and has everybody else on the table covered.
Poker Hand of the Week Action

Handz makes a loose raise from UTG+2 with A♥8♠ to $1,000 and Ben Chung 3-bets from the Hijack with J♠J♣ to $2,500. Wesley calls with A♠3♠ as does Alan with K♠10♥ and Handz. Pot Size: $10,700


4-way to a flop of J♦4♣Q♥, which gives Ben Middle Set and Mr. Keating an Open-Ended Straight Draw. It checks to Ben, who bets $8,000 into $10,700, Keating calls and everybody else folds. Pot Size: $26,700


The 7♥ on the turn is a blank and Alan checks again. Ben Chung now fires a really big second barrel of $22,000 (82% pot) and Keating thinks for a while before making the call. Pot Size:$70,700 pot.


The A♣ on the river completes Alan’s straight and he checks for a third time. Ben chooses a value bet sizing of $35,000 (1/2 pot). When the action comes back to Keating he makes a large check-raise to $120,000 sending Chung deep into the tank.

Ben knows that this line is a sign of big strength and after four minutes in the tank he correctly folds a Set of Jacks, while Alan Keating wins a $225,700 pot.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Great fold by Ben Chung! Let’s take a look why he made it.

Ben’s 3-bet pre with Pocket Jacks is standard, while Keating’s call from the big blind with K10o is very lose given that he is out of position. Alan probably decides to call here because Wesley called in front of him and he can expect the preflop raiser Handz to call as well.

So 4-way we go to an interesting flop, which gives Ben Middle Set and Alan an OESD, while the other two whiff. Since Chung has three opponents he understandably chooses a big cbet sizing of 3/4 pot and Keating is the only one that calls.

The Seven on the turn changes nothing and Ben fires another large bet of $22,000 into $26,000 (85% pot). Alan Keating is actually not getting the right prize here to draw to his straight, but after tanking for a long time he decides to gamble and check-calls again. Keating binks the straight on the river and lays the trap by checking. Chung makes a value bet of half pot, probably thinking he is good at this point.

However, Keating then makes a large 3.4x check-raise. Keating’s line is almost always a value raise, which means Chung is not beating much here any longer except for a Set of Sevens. Ben says: “Would you ever do this without the Nuts Keating” and he is on point. After taking his time and going through the hand one more time Ben realizes that his hand is not good any longer and he makes a great fold.